Monday, 8 March 2010

Ham House, Sun,Thai food, Meetings, Blag It and a Pool recruitment Challange!

So in the time between this blog and my last blog a lot has happened in the weird and crazy life of Siobhan Bellot. So too kick things the end of february began with a road trip to Ham House we had a new addition to our car pool in the form of Ben Abbott, with a car ride full of shocks, surprises, laugher and the sunny weather we were all lookibng forward to going to Ham House once again. It was great to get into the grounds to see the space which we have to work with.  While walking through the grounds it became aprant that on the eight patches of grass we could have more than one active/performance etc could happen on the space. It was lovely to get back into the house after such a long time and it was great as we could really visulise what we wanted to happen.  Megan and myself also decided that when we have finalised numbers of people who would like to be involved with the project from university that we should arrange another visit for them so that they too could see the space.

After our look around Ham House we went to the Fox and Duck pub for some lovely Thai Food and to discuss any thoughts from looking at the house.  The food and company was amazing those that weren't there we really need to do it again as we really bonded and we had a laugh while discussing the project!  As i said before the food was amazing the only thing i didn't like was the fact that i kept forgetting what i ordered and so when each new plate arrived and it wasn't mine i was hit with a wave of dissapointment...but i will say this it was worth the wait!!!!!

Then on thursday Megan and myself held a meeting to try and get more people within the university involved unfortunatly only four people turned up...but as my mum says 'Every dissapointment is a blessing' and in this case she was right, the four people who turned up could all play instruments and were all willing to be involved...oh happy days :).

More good news was seen on Saturday when Megan, Ed and Myself took part in this years RAG week Blag IT event. We were driven away from campus and we had to make our way back to the SU with out any money. The lond and short of the story after this eventful day Megan and myself decided to relax for a while in the SU and we managed to get another five people on board with the project, while challenging them to many games of pool (and yes we lost spectacularly and spent god knows how much on the pool table!!) and we also had a lovely bonding seesion over Chinease. While doing so we discussed with them the types of things which they would like to do for the project...whoop whoop!!

During the beginning of the week i also spoke to Ben (Su Pres) and he has given us his full support and backing with the accomedation issue which we have been having, so the next stepo is to arrange a meeting with Trevor which i'am a little bit aprehensive about if truth be told, so wish me luck!!!

Also the final point in this epicly long blog in today's meeting Mark mentioned that he woyuld like to
 see some sillyness in our presentation like the one that he posted in his blog a few weeks ago, from this i came up with an idea of some sort of Flash Mob of Simmies students...thoughts? Am i being a bit too random or is this a good idea?

Well thats all i have to say for now
Aur Reviour for now!!

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