Monday, 15 March 2010

The Blog about the Last Meeting...

At the last meeting on Thursday only nine people turned up and they also included the house liason team although they had a meeting of their own to get to at 5pm! To see so few faces at the meeting as time is running out was deeply frustrating, i understand that people had genuine reasons for not comingh but as a class of 20 plus only nine tuned out is not a good statisic in my book!!! Plus the design team had come along ready to do a workshop with us and i felt terrible for them as each week they come wanting to show us these nice things which they have learnt how to make and every week its the same people that attend these sessions.
 So can everyone please try their best to attend the meetings as we have less than 10 weeks to go before Ham day...(yes that is what i shall be calling the event from now on!)

So in this meeting we came up with an order for the Parade (not procession) and we also mangaged to get another confirmed group in the form of a morris dancers group...well done Zoe :) . We also contacted more groups to be part of the Ham day!!! Ben and myslef also began trying to work out how my flash mob idea could be put into Ham day, plus we are both going to attend a flashmob in london next week to get a real feel for it!!  For those that don't know what a flashmob is have a look at this very popular flashmob that we have seen befiore:

For more info on what we have doen its in the email account so please please please read it!

We soon called it a day after doing a lot of work and getting extremely hyperactive i feel that although the meeting didn't go to plan we ended up getting a whole load of work done!
Well that's all i have to say for now
Auf Wiedersehn!!!

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