Wednesday, 10 March 2010

And Last but not Least...

Today I feel has been a very productive day, Megan and myself had a meeting with Trevor today about the accomodation and Ham House problem.  While talking to him it became aprant that Megan and myself need to step up recruiting process a step as we only have four people on our list that live in halls. So my new worry is that if there are more that want to get involved won't have any where to stay. As we were talking to Trevor he too also thought that it was highly unfair that if we need to stay in halls that we would have to pay conferance fees. So Trevor is kindly getting in contact with the lovely Kevin Germain head of student services to see if there is anyway we could pay student fees for the extra two fingers crossed!!

I also went to Christine yesterday from reprographics and we have arranged a photo shoot at Ham House for friday afternoon at 2pm for the poster as Ham House wanted a photo which had a more community friendly feel, so if anyone is free at this time can you please let me know as I will be unable to attend due to family commitments...(sorry guys)

Oh and i have mangaged to get the dance society on board and i will get numbers etc for the next meeting

well that's all i have to say for now untill next time!!

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