Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Bell Ringing...

Right so last night Zoe, Claudia, Megan and Myself went bell ringing at All Hallows Church in Twickenham. We went as would be the perfect oppertunity to meet our one of our first confirmed guest for the project.  In all honesty when it came time for me to make my way to the Church i really couldnt be bothered to go but i forced myself to go and im very pleased that i did.  The lovely people of the Bell ringing association welcomed us all in with excitement and were really pleased to see us. One thing that i did notice when i spoke to each person was there joy and delight for their hobby which soon rubbed off on each of us as were talking to them. However this feeling was then joined by a slight bit of terror and vertigo for me when it came to climbing up the tower to where the session was. Those of you that don't know i really really really hate heights, so going up then winding staircase really didn't help me at all.

We eventually got to the top and the practise began the bell ringing was absolutly lovely and i found it theurputic until that was when we could all feel the tower swaying and i began to feel incrediable ill. But i didnt let that stop me and i managed to learn quite a bit from the evening. Zoe had fun ringing a bell and we all took great delight when we found out that the bell that she rung was the same weight as a mini!! Claudia was next up and i wish i had a camera so that you could all see the look of terror, excitment and shock on her face as she was doing was priceless and very rare :) . I would have loved to have had a go but i was stuck firmly to the seat in a state of terror alomost like a deer frozen in head lights,,,,it was sad when it all came to an end as it was such a  nice evening ...apart from the vertigo but im pleasedto say that i learnt something new and almost relinquished a fear!!

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