Friday, 19 March 2010

The Blog about the Sucess and the Stress....

Ola Blogging world,
This week has been very stressful for me as there has been so much to do and so little time to do anything, but im pleased to say that i have powered through and have got some positive results!!!

Firstly on Wednesday Megan and myself went and had a meeting with Sue Whitham the manager of Student Services.  During this meeting we discussed the accomedation for Ed and Laura, in this meeting we raised our questions and we got our answers and a result. It turns out that the student services have seven contracts, which all end at different tiomes of the term. As we are part of the undergrate ba programmes terms ends for us on the 21st May so anyone in Halls must leave by the 22nd May but seeing as we were only needing to be there up until the Monday Sue managed to work it out that Ed and Laura can still have halls till then and that they wont have to pay a single penny. However they will need to be out by 8am so that the cleaning of their halls can take place!! So all in all good progress was made.

After this meeting Megan, Ed, Emily and myslef, ventured once again to Ham House for a photo shoot for the new picture for the poster. It was a lovely day and Christine came down and got a lovely couple of shots of us and Gary and Jorge and other helpers at Ham House.

In other news its now 5 days till our Mexican Spring Break Night at the Su, im sure its going to be a fantastic night and that lots of people will turn up and have a ball of a time!!!

Tomorrow Ben, Megan and Myself will be attending and taking part in a Flash Mob to try and get some inspiration for one that we can create!! Iam very very excited about this!!
Well that's all for now, Blogging world

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