Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Blog about the Epic Spaced Flashmob!!!!!

Date: Saturday 22nd March 2010
Time: 10:40am
Rendezvous Point: Twickenham Train Station
Partners in Crime: Megan Bailey, Edward Anthony and Benjiman Abbott aka the Simmies Spaced Pack
Jaffa Cakes: Were found in my bag after the event!!!

The day started of windy, a little cold and very drizzly (by this i mean the weather couldnt make up its mind it was very much "Ooooh shall I rain or shall I rain ,maybe I'll provide an annoying combination of both!!!") however this did not dampen our spirits!!!
Today was the day that we re-created a scared and payed homage to one was the best voted sitcomes for twenty somethings!!! For those of you I realise have never have heard of 'Spaced' here's a quick run down.

"Spaced revolves around two idle twentysomething flatmates-immature skateboarding would-be comic artist Tim (Simon Pegg), and moody, responcibilty shy writer Daisy (Jessic Stevenson), and their self-induced lack of sucess in employment, relationships and life in general.  Together with their oddball assortment of friends and neighbours: Marsha, Brian, Mike and Twist, they exist in a world perched precariously on the edge of normality."

The idea of this gun fight comes from Tim's best friend Mike who is counter arguing Brian's comment about women being supior to men. By having the gift to create life and sycronize menstral cycles if they spend long amounts of time with eachother. In this clip it then leads to Tim and Mike showing Brian the inate knowledge of unspoken telepathy that all men share, which is just as powerful as this.

From this later on in the episode there is a blockbuster of gun fight between the main protagonists Daisy and Tim and some Romford know what check it!!

This is something that everyone who particpated all wanted to create and have fun with and it was a dead cert that it was going to be fantastic.

So there's the "theory" behind it..back to Saturday we met Ben at Clapham Junction and from there we went onto Trafalgar square. We were told via the facebook campagne to be around the fountain in Trafalgar Square at 1pm.  We were amused to see that there was a speaker at the base of teh lion statues preaching about violance...the irony of this amused me greatly knowing what was about to happen, i then wondered what his reaction to the flashmob would be!! When we got there we were not surprised to find a crowd of around 200 people standing around chatting, joking and just general loytering.  As the Simmies Spaced Pack found a spot to stand it became obvious to me, who was waiting for the flash mob and who were generally just happened to be around. I know your probably thinking that this would be pretty obvious Siobhan to work out, but i know this will sound strange but i'm going to argue that just the simple eye contact that i made with other Spaced fanatics there was definatly the unspoken telepathy between us. As each Spaced fan came into contact with each other there was a smile, respect for one another and a sense of love for this television show.

As the clock struck 1:15pm it began.....

The fight was spectacular but my "death" was even greater, not only took down the person who shot me but  i also managed to get another five people .It started so slow but ended all too fast and yes me being the weird person i am the video above i am in YES!!! if you want to play Where's Siobhan? look at 2mins 45sec... I wont tell you where iam but im there, but if you really can't find me here's a clue i'm wearing a blue hat and I join in on one of the lines!!!  If you were wondering about the preacher that i mention before he still carried on talking while it too place...although i doubt that anyone heard him above all the noise that we made!!

It was such a fantastic experiance and i would suggest to anyone to get involved in a flashmob if you find one around!! You feel privilaged to be part of something so unique and special. Plus not only do you get to be part of it with friends but for moment in time and space your sycronised with 200+ people..and that my friends is pretty cool!!!

That was the end of a fantastic day and this is something that i will not forget...

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  1. SIOBHAN! MY PARTNER IN CRIME! What a blog of epic proportions and detail im proud of you! You've given a clear account of every possible factor from the show itself to our part in it! You can see us all on the gound dead! HILARIOUS! We should continue to push for this as a fundrasing event :) ps JAFFA CAKES in your bag? how could you? lol xx