Sunday, 4 April 2010

The Blog about Mexican Night, a meeting with a Dame, Laughter Yoga and the Easter Egg Hunt...

Hello Blogging world,
Once again these last couple of weeks have been incrediably hectic so here is another long blog im afraid!!!!

So the Mexican night was upon us all very quickly and at 10am we were at the Su under the comand of Jennie to transform the SU. My first job of the day was to take down the Smuc Radio and Simmstock banders that were hanging from the ceiling. As we couldnt get a ladder i ended up standing on tables with a pair of scissors. All of them came down very easily apart from one which refused to come down for another half an hour of hacking at it!! Next Emily, Charlotte and I raided the basement of the theatre to try and find more things to decorate with. On our returnt we found a sandy coloured piece of material, some foliage and a rug.  At  lunch time Jen and I then had an appointment with Emma and Mark on the request lunch show. On it we plugged the SU night and the Ham House project. It was great being back in the radio studio as there has been so much going on that i have had to miss the last two weeks shows.  After the show Jen and I both went back down stairs to meet up with the rest of the group where we continued to attach decorations to the hall and foot ladders. Finally at around 3pm we had finally finished and to celebrate we all had a pint of our fancy and admired our handy work!!!  When the evening finally came round everyone was commenting on the transformation of the SU and people apriciated the SU like they did in our first year, which was great to see. Although it wasn't a packed night at the SU quite a few people turned up and had a great time!!!  For the majority of the night i was at the Pool table with Mark. We played best of three game which im glad to say that i lost again spectactulary and ended up buying Mark a drink!!!  The rest of the night was a bit of a blur...but i guess that shows that one and all had a great night!!!!

The next day i was up again bright and early to go to Ham House, as Megan, Ed, Mark and myself had an important meeting with Dame Fiona Reynolds the National Trust's Managering Director. In this meeting we had to explain what our relationship with Ham House was and explain the 400th Birthday celebrations and future projects and our personal goals!! Dame Fiona was really interested and loved the interest that we have generated for the house during and after the Christmas storytelling which we had done. From the 10-15minutes which we had talking with her it was clear to see that she really wanted to see our partnership with the National trust extended to other properties. After our meeting we posed for pictures and she wished us all the best of luck for the 400th celebrations.

Next on Sunday 28th Ben and I ventured to Kilburn for the laughter yoga session, we were both a little unsure what to expect from the even that was being held. When we arrived at the venue i once again lost at shotgun with ben, which ment that i was the first one to enter.  As we walked in we were welcomed with smiling faces and free sweedish waffles as we were the first people there we decided to pass the time by painting some flower pots.  I decided to go crazy with mine and put lots of colours on mine and attacked it all the stamps that were on offer. Although i had lots of epic fails with my pot the funniest being with the o.k stamp that came up backwards everytime i used it, only then did i realise that i was using the stamp the wrong way.  Ben's flowerpot was lovely as it showed a tree (which was had a green trunk to start) a giant bee and a sun with his hat on.  Unfortunatly our designs didnt survive the train ride back home. After lots of flowerpot painting we contributed to the community murial that was on a back wall again Ben drew another bee while i opted for a rainbow helpfully (or not) ben pointed out that it looked more like a Rastaparian's hat!! Next came the Laughter yoga it was am amazing thing to be part of and i felt really connected to everyone in the gruop. By the end of the session the world seemed a happier place and any stress that i had about due essays, family circumstances and how i will survive till next loan was the happiest i have felt in the last few weeks!!

Fast forward to this weekend myself, Chantelle, Carloina, Charlotte, Zoe and Sarah all took part in Ham House's easter egg hunt. For the most of the day we were doing the usual facepainting and talking/ handing out flyers for the 400th celebrations. As each of the days drew to a close Gary came along baring gifts of chocolate eggs and he kindly allowed us to take part in the easter egg hunt.  By which Carolina, Charlotte and myself got rather over excited.  We literally ran round the route searching for clues that would tell us who stole the easter bunny's eggs!!! So all in all its been a very busy couple of weeks and i feel that this project is finally coming together!!

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