Sunday, 14 February 2010

The Blog where I apologise and there are some positive outomes!

Firstly just to say sorry I haven't been fully there at the last few meetings, as I'm having some quite bad family issues but I will try to be morre focused from now on!

Megan and myself  a few weeks ago held a meeting with a few first years who said that they would be interested in being part of the project. The main issue that arose from this meeting was that the students who wish to take part and who live in halls, have to be out by the 22 May.  Following on from this Megan and myself have been in contact with the Accomedation officer and it seems posible and posivtive reply.  We are set to have a meeting to see if we can come to some sort of arrangement, so fingers crossed.
Bailey and I have also met Ruth and Christine from reprographics and what lovely ladies they are. Ruth designed a lovely poster for the project to go promote it. We also managed to get Christine to agree to come to our mask making workshop, however unfortuanatly she didn't turn up. I think for future referance
Megan and myself will have keep in closer contact with her to confirm that she can actually make it.
On monday I shall be taking Ben to meet with Ruth and the gang to get the articles he's written up on the website and on the plasa screens on uni!

I have also contacted the german school in Ham and i'm just waiting for replies!

well that's about it for now, sorry its not up to my usual standards but like i said before family issues which I hope will resolve themselves soon (fingers crossed) but i will work extra hard to make sure it doesn't effect the project

sorry again guys :)

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  1. Siobhan don't be so sorry! Bailey and yourself are both doing a fab job. Hope it all gets better soon :) WOW on the big screens?? Fab!! Nice work xx