Saturday, 30 January 2010

The blog where it all gets a bit stressful

This week has been a very busy for all of us and I think that the magnitude of the project has dawned on everybody!
This week we had two project meetings, the first one was extremely useful as we identified that we needed an email address for the project as this would be the easiest way to get in contact and respond quickly to group wishing to particpate.  Anyone reading that hasn't got the address yet let me know and I'll pass on the details.

In the second meeting we had it felt as if we didn't really get much sorted out, all there seemed to be was a lot of raised voices and lots of hot headedness flying about. As i sat in this meeting I wasn't feeling worried about the project until now.  People were talking over eachother and there was just a whole load of noise, on the one side its great to see everyone so passionate about the project, but it did make me think that if this does continue then we are not going to move forward and time is rapidly running out! In this meeting we were disscussing the same point for nearly an hour and half. While this was happening I can't really remember what happened in the rest of the meeting as I think I may have drowned it out as it was so stressful!! I also felt that when it came to my turn to talk about any progression I made I felt really anxious as you could feel the tention in the room.

During our third meet and greet on Friday we walked the route of the procession and while we walked I had a lot of ideas of performances that could happen during it...i shall reveal all later when I can refine it all :)

I know that we can do a fantastic job lets all keep positive and produce an amazing event for the community!!!

If I have offened anyone in anything that i have written it wasn't my intention I'm just using my blog as a way of getting it all of my chest and not having to waste time in the meetings bringing it up!!!!
So my apologies!!!!


  1. Hey my lovely
    I know that I have no right to comment on what happened at the meeting because i didnt attend but it clearly had an affect on you and thats important to me! From an outside perspective it doesnt sound as though it was productive and we've all been in situations where things clash and unfortunately feelings run high and as mark has said so many times this is why decisions are best left to a small number of people because naturally clashes will occur! But I think u'v expressed you opinions here in a clear and honest way and I for one respect that and Im glad that blogging provides you with an outlet just as it does for us all i think!! You've given a really good update of what happened for those who've missed the meetings (me..:( sorry!) and i look forward to hearing your ideas from the walk... fancy doing it again next week with me?! your right we can't let this last meeting bring us down onwards and upwards! xx

  2. Well said Siobhan. All projects have blips and moments where you feel you're going backwards rather than forward. The most important thing is that we have more good days than bad ones and that we keep our eyes on the big picture of the show on the 23rd.

  3. And I think from the last 2 meetings we've proved to overcome this glitch :) xxx