Friday, 22 January 2010

Another Blog of Epic Propprtions

Hello again Blogging world,
I haven't really been blogging as i haven't really had anything to say. So I'm going to try and give it ago now.
First point on the epic blog would be Ham House.
The first weekend I felt went really well everyone was ready and raring to go. Mine/Charlotte/Emily's Fuzzy the bear who found Christmas story went down really well. We had lots of families come and listen to it more than once. Which was really encouraging however by the end of the whole experience it left me wanting to get lots of sharp objects to kill fuzzy and his other toy friends!!! That aside on the last day of the Ham House event two children came up to me and i recognised them from few weekends before. It turns out that they loved the event so much that they hassled their parents to bring them again as they had such a fun time.

I really enjoyed the storytelling weekends and it would definitely be something that i would do again.

Second Point

After coming back after Christmas I can honestly say that i hadn't really given Ham House's birthday event much thought. During our first meeting back we heard all the Spain tales which all sounded incredibly amazing. The Spain gang while thinking about the event came up with a thrilling concept. They thought that there should be a carnival procession which would lead the audience into the house. Once they are in the house on the eight pieces of grass at the back of the house there would be a variety of activities and performances taking place. The main event would be everyone singing 'Happy Birthday' to the house and then there would be another procession leading everyone out of the property. I really liked this idea as not only does it offer us the chance to be extremely creative but it also allows us to get a wide variety of communities on board to help and participate in the event. We also came up with a list of roles which were needed to make this event work.

Third Point
In our most recent meeting on Thursday we assigned roles to everyone in the meeting. After thinking about the roles that were on offer, I decided that I would like to do something with the first and second year drama students. As i feel that its a shame that as a course we are all so divided and we really should be working together and this is the perfect opportunity. However the only job that was remotely close to this was Office manager. The moment I realised this I wasn't too keen on the idea I suddenly thought of being strangled in a suit and suffocated by briefcase with a combination lock that none could open.....I mean talk about an irrational thought!!!
So back in the meeting when I was asked what role I wanted I took a chance and sais what i wanted. I said what I thought and surprise surprise I was given the Office manager role. I would like to say that I gracefully accepted the position but those who know me know that would happen when hell freezes over. But thankfully Mark put to the group that they should expand the role further and that seeing as i apparently know lots of people around uni (this I refuse to believe but everyone keeps telling me!) and that I would be the best person to spread information of our work to everyone around university. Everyone seemed to agree and felt that I would do a good job, so thank you to those that thought so. So ladies and gents your reading the blog of the Internal Liaison and Office Manager!!!! (once again those who know me will know that i love a big title after my name!)

Fourth Point
Had a meeting today with Mark and he explained what I had to do in my role....needless to say I didn't realise how big a job this would be!! On the walk back home from my meeting I decided that the only way I could tackle this and survive would be through paper, colour pens and a clip board.....oh dear I think this may have gone to my head..oops!

Well...that's about it for now if your still reading your a star and I owe you a drink!!!

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