Friday, 6 November 2009

The Blog about the stories and Michael McIntyre...

So its been a while since my last blog so I'll try and keep it short and sweet as I possible can!

On the 3rd of November I went to see the fantastic Michael McIntyre at the 02 arena. So what has this got to do with Drama in the Community I hear you ask. As December ebbs ever closer and we have decided on the genre of storytelling for the Christmas project. I feel that Michael McIntyre is one of the best stand up comics and that's mostly down to his storytelling skills. The majority of all his jokes are observational and universal something that everyone in the audience could relate to. When he entered the stage he commanded the space with such ease and fluidity that I forgot that I was at the 02. It felt as if i that I was just chatting to an old friend at a pub having a nice catch up. With Michael use of different voices, physicalisations and enthusiasm he made all of his stories come to life and jump right off the stage, even though it was just him on a very big stage.

One of the best jokes of the night was his story about one trip to Starbucks...
"I was in Starbucks and the person in front of me said: 'Can I have a tall, skinny, black Americano please?' I said: 'Are you ordering coffee or an American president?'
I feel that if we incorporate some of these elements in some of our bigger, bolder stories that we would want to tell for the project it would make them memorable. Just as much as the small, quite and intimate stories.

In our last lecture Emily and I presented our story and we looked into double act storytelling, within our Rumpelstiltskin story. I really enjoyed this as we got to really play with the story and make it our own. As our story had a lot of characters in it and there were only two of us, we decided that one of us should multi-role. We created a rotating head piece that had a symbolic trait to represent each character. So the King had a crown, the girl had long flowing golden hair and Rumpelstiltskin had an evil mask. During our mini performance we decided to tell our story as extended versions of ourselves. I felt that this worked very well as we got to be very creative and very original with our work. It also brought out some comedy that we did not know that we had in the piece! I would really like to develop the idea of double acts in our December projects as I feel that not only could they bring out the comedy in a story but any intimate and poignant points.

Well thats all for you can see it was short and sweet, sorry guys and dolls!!

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  1. I really like the double act idea and I would like to know more about Michael Macintyre's storytelling methods :)