Wednesday, 12 May 2010

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Hey Blogging world,
Sorry that it has been a while since my last blog but i hate to tell you that this blog is going to another blog of epic proportions so apologies.

To start off with Jenny and Ben have written a fantastic story that will kick of the action at Ham Common and begin the procession. The story which was written ties in brilliantly with the happy birthday theme. When all the class sat down to hear it we were all laughing and smiling at how much fun the story was.  If just listening to it was fun then being in it will be epic!!

On the 23rd of April Megan and I both went over to Mark's to clear out his garage for things to sell at the carboot sale.  As we spent a while looking through Mark's various bits and bobs it became clear to me that there were alot of things that I would like to buy in particular a rugrats mug!!! We soon packed and piled up Marks car all ready for the big sale on Sunday.

So the week began with another sucessful meeting, and everything is coming together which is fantastic.
The first thing on the list for the week was the community day at Ham House which was on the 24th April. The day began early and we were met at the House by some beautiful weather.  The first thing on the agenda was setting up the gazibo which we had borrowed from the SU.  Now the first thing that came to mind was that it would be very easy as there were about 8 of us and that it would be up in no time at all. How wrong was I took us about an hour and half to put it up. In the end some other helpers from a near by stall came and gave us some assistance.  We then decided to divide ourselves up into teams, some of us would be doing facepainting, play games with children waiting for their face to be painted, while the rest of us would be handing out leaflets.  I was on the leafletting team to start with and i was happily shocked to find that people were saying that they had leaflets come through their doors.  It seems that our leafletting from the previous week paid off!!

As soon as it hit lunch time there was a manic rush of children all wanted to get their faces painted. Seeing as there was such a big waiting line, all of the team ended up taking up brushes to create face painting masterpieces. However it soon became aprant that we did not have enough brushes or facepaint to use at the same time. So we spent most of the day sharing which I found very entertaining as soon as one of us put down a brush or paint there was a made dash to grab it.  The end of the day soon approached we were all covered in face paint, grass stains and all very tired. Unfortuatly we had to turn away a few people who wanted there face painted and wanted to play games.  This day went extremely well and I think that the facepainting is always good to get people involved within the event.  With the story now in place there are so many ways that we can incouporate and included people.

The next day was the car boot sale at Grey Court School, Jennie, Megan and myself were at Mark's at 7.30 in the morning. A time i still maintain does not exisit in the morning, as the early bird team attempted to fit ourselves around the various assortments that was in Mark's car the heavens opened and it began to rain.  All while we were setting up, haggerling various items in the cold.  Fortuanatly we found out that we could transfer our patch inside the school hall, oh how we all lept for joy!!  The day was long but we managed to sell a lot of items and made a profit of around £70..which is fantastic!!!!!

Well that's it for now bye!!!

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