Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Blog about the final Blog....

So Blogging friends,

this is my final blog and its also the final countdown!! From starting this blog a mere eight months ago, I never thought that i would say this but i am sad that the time has now come to say goodbye!
from doing this blog i have learnt alot about myself, others and the project. I feel that now i have embraced blogging that I am now more confident in my writing abilities and taht what i have to say is just as interllectual, funny and entertaining as a professional piece of writing in my own way.

As for Ham House with less than two weeks to go I'm sure that we have all done teh best work that we can do and that the 22-23rd of May will eb days that we will never forget!!

Before I go i just want to say a big thankyou to everyone involved, thanks for the laughs and the good memories. It has been a great pleasure working with you all!

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