Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Blog in which I almost lose the plot and start thinking about doors!

hello blogging world again...

So picking up from the last time we left off after my minor tremors with my first blog, i have decided just to throw myself into this. My lovely housemate and fellow D.I.C member Emily tried to make a visit to Ham House today to get some inspiration. However a wave of disappointment engulfed us as we discovered that it's was not open today! Bad times indeed my blogging friends. After our first tour of the house last week while everyone else was fascinated by either the history behind this beautiful place or the paintings I found that I was enchanted by the doors.

DOORS!! I hear you say of all things that were around the fantastic tapestry's, the winding corridors, the exercise room and the beautiful hand made furniture. All of these things would be a good starting point for inspiration. But the only thing that caught my eye was an inconspicuous door hidden to the side of the room. To me it seemed as if it was there just waiting, wanting someone anyone to inquire or even investigate it. For me this door jumped out at me, i felt how Lucy felt when she first fell into Narnia very curious but very excited. So back to the story we were in the exercise room for at least 10 minutes and for eight of those minutes there was me staring at this door.

Then as we continued our I found myself very interested in the doors in the house there wasn't any doors that were the same each had a different decoration or style.
If your still reading this I promise I haven't lost the plot yet, just bare with me a little longer...

So as we came to the end of the tour my thoughts turned to the Christmas project and of course the doors of Ham House. Today it finally occurred to me that doors are gateways into different times, place, dimensions and even different universes a bit like a Tardis!! I then began to think what if each door that the audience walked through was a different time and place. In these places they could meet different characters and hear there stories. These stories could then all link with each other. The best thing i feel about my idea is that these stories do not have run in a linear order, so the audience can feel free to travel at their own pace through the house.

Well done if you manged to get to the end of this post and you still somehow managed to follow a big congrates to you!!!
So blog people untill the next time I get facinated by some more inanimate objects!!


  1. Siobhan!! i made it to the end of your blog wits intact and i really think you'v found your voice.. comedy is the way forward for you :) as for your fascination with doors your idea has really inspired me i don't see why we cant have the rooms decked out differently i mean you never know whats going to be behind a door until you open it and they dont necessarily need to all be the same. Thats the joy of having different stories and places to tell them. I like the idea of promenade performance and i think with your idea we could maybe lead them through some way? what u think? x

  2. Siobhan I love your idea about going to and from different eras. It would be like a fun interesting way that the children could learn about history without becoming bored and I realise we've got to focus on the family fun element so get the children and adults involved to re-enact a short story or role play.

  3. Doors should not be seen as inanimate objects. Doors open and close, in fact they extremely symbolic. Stories from all times and places use doors as a starting point, or as any kind of metaphor. Doors a leaving points but also returning points. Your idea is great.